About Us

GMT Fuarcılık aims to bring an innovative approach to tourism fairs with a new vision in Antalya, the heart of Turkish tourism within the GM Center. It is a company with a purpose. Gm Center is a group of companies whose focus is tourism, together with GMT Fuarcılık, GM Tourism and Management Magazine, Gmedya Advertising Agency, GM Hotels and Gmood Travel.

GM Tourism and Management Magazine, which has been published monthly for 17 years, is the most important tourism sector in the Turkish tourism sector with the QM Awards, which it has been organizing for 11 years. , management and quality awards brands have started to carry their work abroad.

ATF / Mission

The purpose of establishment of Antalya Tourism Fair The same roof with the principle of ‘on-site marketing’ of Turkish tourism products to offer and keep alive in all markets.

ATF Reason for existence:
To serve the tourism sector of Turkey, which it believes to be a leverage for the development of the country, with the belief that ‘Tourism is a matter of the country’.

“Tourism is a matter of the country’, which takes place only for tourism professionals for two days in the last week of October every year. With the motto ‘, Antalya, the heart of tourism, hosts the professionals of the sector. Every year, it brings together new ideas and collaborations on a big platform with its unique vision

ATF / Vision

Good Tourism An even better Turkey and an even better World.

GM TOURISM AND MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, founded in 2004 under the umbrella of GM Center and published monthly as a reference source for tourism professionals for 18 years, is the same At the same time, it continues to create added value to the tourism industry with its current news portal gmdergi.com since 2014. Selcuk Meral, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GM Center, who won the QM Awards, the most comprehensive awards of the tourism industry in 2010, by GM Magazine, is proud of bringing the Antalya Tourism Fair to Antalya, the heart of tourism, by establishing the GMT Fair Company in 2019 to contribute to the sector. .

GMT Fuarcılık aims to bring a new breath to tourism fairs with a vision in Antalya, the heart of tourism hosted within the GM Center. It is a purposeful company. Antalya Tourism Fair, which it has started since 2019, continues the principle of “on-site marketing” of tourism products with great stability.

ATF / Who Is Attending?

Accommodation industry brands, national and international operators, offline and online marketing and sales agencies, exclusive brands, national and international tourism destinations, countries, airline and transfer companies, companies with international contacts, professionals who rely on information technologies, service and human resources and aim to market their brand.

Antalya Tourism Fair brings together the travel agencies that produce guests to all world markets, together with Turkey, and the most effective tour operators of Turkey’s source markets and It offers the tourism sector the opportunity to find companies that produce service, knowledge and capability together.

ATF, which hosted over 6000 travel agency officials from twenty countries, 21 thousand 400 visitors in total, at Antalya Tourism Fair makes a difference as a Turkish brand on behalf of the Turkish tourism industry.

ATF / All Inclusive Fair Concept

Antalya Tourism Fair is proud of signing the “ALL INCLUSIVE EXHIBITION” concept like no other. With its standard design, simplicity and never-before-seen concept integrity, it offers a unique service concept to all participants at the fair.

It offers stand design, setup, catering, free internet services in a package. At ATF, its participants concentrate only on communication and cooperation during the two-day fair.

ATF / Founder

ATF Founder: GMT Fairs and GM Center Yk. President Selcuk MERAL.

A graduate of Istanbul University, Italian Language and Literature, Selçuk Meral is fluent in English, German and Italian languages ​​and is 16 years old in Tourism. serves the industry. After serving the sector for 30 years and working professionally for many years, GM Turizm & Management Magazine won the QM Awards, the industry’s most broad-based and comprehensive Tourism awards, in 2010.

GMEDIA – ‘ad agency’ and GMHOTELS – ‘hotel management consultancy’ with brands GMOOD Travel – travel agency – Selcuk Meral’s last venture under the umbrella of GM CENTER, which is also engaged in activities, is GMT Fairs.