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Antalya Tourism Fair is the platform that will bring together all the stakeholders of the tourism industry to share the latest developments and create one-to-one cooperation and opportunities.

Antalya Tourism Fair aims to bring an innovative understanding to tourism fairs with a new vision in Antalya, the heart of Turkish Tourism.

Antalya Tourism Fair includes all of the national and international tour operators, offline and online travel agencies, accommodation facilities, airlines, transportation companies, recreation areas, information technologies, gastronomy, service and finance sectors, and that serve to create synergy. tourism professionals will visit.


We offer all the information and services you need to make your visit to the Antalya Tourism Fair an enjoyable experience.






Keep the pulse of the sector and do not miss the innovations with the workshops to be held throughout the fair.
“What’s in the fair?” If you are wondering, you should definitely take a look here.


Other Sponsorships

Special Sponsor

5.000 € / euro

  • Using your logo as a Special Sponsor for over 50,000 white-collar tourism professionals with a total of 1,000,000 mailing, including mailing and 20 mailing delivery throughout the year.
  • Including your logo as a Special Sponsor in the 10 Megaboard study of Antalya Tourism Fair for 10 weeks in Antalya
  • Including your logo as a Special Sponsor in 15 Billboard studies about Antalya Tourism Fair for 5 weeks in Antalya
  • Including your logo as a Special Sponsor in 15 Racket studies about Antalya Tourism Fair for 15 weeks in Antalya
  • Including your logo as a Special Sponsor in Printed Press Ads
  • 1 Piece of 4 Column Columns
  • 1 Flag
  • Including 1 page promotion of your company in the Fair Catalog
  • Presenting Your Thank You Plaque at Gala Night
  • 10 Social Media Shares throughout the year
  • Using Names in Traditional Media Press Releases

Session Sponsorship

2.000 € / euro

  • You can contribute to your industry awareness and brand prestige by sponsoring any of the sessions that will take place throughout the fair.
  • Sessions take between 40’60 ‘.
  • The announcement of the session you sponsor will start with the sponsorship of your company and a promotional video of your company will be shown.
  • During the session, your company logo will be constantly on the giant screen where the presentation is made.
  • 1 page interview and 1 page advertisement will be included in the Final Report and Fair catalog to be published after the fair.

Brand Talks

2.000 € / euro

  • You can maximize your brand awareness by bringing your company and products together with your target audience with a 40-minute presentation that you can promote your company in the brand talks special area.
  • Hurry to take your place in brand talks limited to 10 companies in total for 2 days.

Interactive Advertising Areas
Mobile Advertising
Working with the mascot, skate worker or pollsters who will promote your company in the fair area affects your attention to your stand as well as establishing warm relationships with visitors. Mobile promoters, who will walk around, can promote at the entrance foyer and in the hall where the company is located. Since there will be a maximum of 5 mobile promotion officers in the hall and foyer, this advertisement tool is provided in order of application. Mobile ad providers are subject to our approval.

3.000 € / euro ( 1 kişi )

Led Wall Screens
A short video or logo will be featured on the screens in the fair foyers and hall centers, on our led screens, which are a valuable promotion and orientation tool, in the periods specified below. The relevant sharing is prepared and delivered by the advertiser within the periods specified below. The application is done by us.

400 € / euro ( 10 sec. Logo Reveal )

800 € / euro ( 10 sec. Logo Reveal )

Promotional Advertising Areas
Visitor Name Badge
Using your company logo with the Main Sponsor Gold Sponsor and the Silver Sponsor on the name badges on which all the visitors and exhibitors come to the fair. Production of badges is done by us.

5.000 € / euro

Visitor Name Badge Lanyard
You can also evaluate the badges of badges that all visitors have to carry for the promotion of your company. Your company logo will be on the ribbons that will effectively increase your visibility throughout the fair. Ribbons are prepared by us.

8.000 € / euro

Fair Promotion Bags
With bags that will facilitate the transportation of fair catalogs at different points in the fair, you will facilitate their work by giving visitors a functional vehicle during the fair. In order to use the other side of the bags with ATF logo, Main sponsor, Gold Sponsor and Silver Sponsor logos for promotional purposes, it is sufficient to deliver the preferred image in appropriate size and format.

4.000 € / euro ( 10.000 Adet )

Venue Advertising Areas
Building Entrance Columns
In the building columns in front of the visitor entrance, we can ensure that your services are noticed from the entrance of the fair. The logos and / or advertisement images to be used in the presentation boards on the 4 fronts of the columns are prepared in the desired size and format and sent to us for printing and application.

1.750 € / euro ( 4 Sides Column Dressing )

Wall Streamers
You can attract more visitors to your stand with the flags hanging on the entrance areas and the corridors in the exhibition area and bearing the name and logo of your company.

400 € / euro

Fair Catalog Advertising Areas

By preparing the fair catalog containing the product, service, brand and identity information of the fair participants, it is distributed free of charge to all stand participants and agency participants, public institutions, university libraries, sectors, associations and unions during and after the fair. Being in this sector guide, which should be included in the archive of every sector professional, offers a unique opportunity for the promotion not only during the fair but throughout the year. Announcements are delivered to us on the dates and technical specifications specified in the contract.

Internal Full Page 300 € / euro
Inside 2 Pages 500 € / euro
Inside Front Cover 700 € / euro
Inside Front Cover 2 Pages 1.000 € / euro
Inside Back Cover 800 € / euro
Back cover 1.500 € / euro
Interview / News 500 € / euro

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With its location in the main artery at the entrance of the city and its connections to the ring road, you can easily reach ANFAŞ Exhibition Center with your own vehicle, and you can ensure your vehicle’s problem-free positioning thanks to our 1400 car parking lot.


The tram, which operates hourly from the city center, provides easy transportation to bring you directly to the ANFAŞ Exhibition Center.


The central location of the ANFAŞ fairground allows you to easily make your transportation by taxi.


You can easily reach ANFAS Exhibition Center by using the bus lines that you can travel at any time from the city’s location. The distance of ANFAŞ Fair Center to the city center is 15 km. Lines: AC03, AF04, AF04A, MK81, MK80, 519


More than 200 bus companies organize flights to Antalya Bus Terminal, which serves an average of more than 20 thousand passengers per day. You can easily reach any point of the city with the public transportation services in the city. Antalya Bus Station is 17 km from ANFAŞ Fair Center.


Antalya Airport, which has direct flights with 61 airline companies from 255 cities, is 3 km away from the ANFAS Exhibition center. The route, which can be easily reached without entering the city traffic, provides easy access to the fair area.