With its innovative structure, ATF is the professional platform of its field where efficient collaboration, business opportunities and business information sharing can be made. ATF, which brings together the one-to-one buyer and the product owner in the shortest time possible, started its activities in 2019 and made significant progress in a short time. On its way to becoming one of the assertive professional fairs of not only Turkey’s tourism but also the world’s tourism industry, ATF became the only tourism fair that continued its activities on a world scale without interruption, even during the period that turned into an unprecedented crisis such as Covid in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

ATF, where national and international tourism professionals come together to evaluate the developments of the season and create one-on-one cooperation opportunities, welcomed 1,000 international, 6,365 tourism professionals in 2019, 500 international, 1,480 tourism professionals in 2020, and 1,200 international tourism professionals in April with the ‘Last Minute’ concept in 2021. brought together 3200 tourism professionals, and in 2022, ATF and 2000 international tourism professionals from 20 countries, for a total of 9843 tourism professionals. At ATF23, it broke a new record by receiving 23,607 visitors from 58 countries.

ATF visitors and participants aim to create synergy in the tourism sector such as hotels, national and international tour operators, offline and online travel agencies, accommodation facilities, airlines, transportation companies, recreation areas, information technologies, gastronomy, service and finance sectors. target tourism professionals and corporate companies.

With ATF, you can strengthen your relationships, establish new partnerships and find cooperation opportunities with professionals of tourism agencies, tour operators, accommodation facilities and service providers, which are components of the tourism industry, with different markets and expertise in Antalya. You can offer the services of your businesses and regions, start the new season with a fresh vision and increase your customer potential by strongly highlighting your brand awareness.

With ATF, you will make the last sentences of the season and the first sentences of the new season with your international participation and stakeholders. You can reach the most hotels in Turkey in the world, the travel agency that works with all markets including Turkey, and different market operators in the same place at the same time, as well as professional people and institutions that provide services and information for the tourism sector, through Antalya Tourism Fair.

It is innovative and a first in the world with its ATF concept. It provides turnkey service for all the needs of its participants. In this way, participants can focus on their brand’s fair activities and work, concentrating only on their business and visitors.

You will see more international travel agencies and professional business solution partners than you have ever seen in a Turkish hall to generate ideas, business and network.