2024 - INFO

Antalya Tourism Fair brings together the dynamics of the tourism sector for the sixth time on 23-24-25 October 2024 as the most productive Tourism Fair in Turkey and the Mediterranean.

ATF24, the heart of Turkish tourism, is preparing to host over 25 thousand tourism professionals from 35 countries at Antalya Expo Centre.

Antalya Tourism Fair is coming to strengthen the different markets and dynamics of the sector, consolidate relationships and support the development of individuals, institutions, organisations and destinations with new connections to be established.

ATF24, which will form the basis for the elite brands of the tourism sector to create their 2025 plans, will once again bring movement and excitement to the sector as the most productive Tourism Fair in Turkey and the Mediterranean.


ATF, which set out in 2019 with the aim of bringing together national and international tourism professionals, investors and start-ups with the principle of “on-site marketing”, will once again host one-to-one business meetings with 2 thousand invited travel agencies on 23-24-25 October for three days, full time, full rein, without taking a breath. At the Antalya Tourism Fair, which is the only organisation in the world where almost all markets related to Turkey’s tourism are under the same roof, the last thoughts of the 2024 season and the first thoughts of the 2025 season will be expressed.

At ATF24, the most important operators of the accommodation sector and the European, UK, CIS, Balkan, Benelux, Baltic, Middle East markets and our domestic market will have the opportunity to represent themselves and develop their relations.


Antalya Tourism Fair will gather under the same roof the invited travel agencies from 35 countries that produce guests for all world markets together with Turkey, the most effective tour operators of Turkey’s source markets, accommodation facilities that have become world brands with their service quality, and companies that produce technology, service, information and capability for the tourism sector.


Antalya Tourism Fair, which will open its doors for the fifth time this year, has been included in the “Supported Domestic Events” list for Health and Sports Tourism by the Ministry of Trade. Health and sports tourism companies that will participate in ATF24 with 60 per cent ministry support will take their place in the fair this year with privileges.


As the most productive Tourism Fair in Turkey and the Mediterranean, ATF24 will ‘bring tourism together’ with sessions titled ATF-HEALTH, ATF-TECH, ATF-AIRLINES, ATF -MARKETS, ATF-HOTELS, ATF-MARKETING and ATF-SALES. Experts and leading brands of the subjects will shed light on 2025 from Antalya Tourism Fair 2024 by sharing the past, present and future with the sector from their professional windows with their projections.


After a season like 2024, which is very difficult to operate, we think that tourism industry professionals and stakeholders deserve to have fun. We will do this with two separate spectacular parties under the ATF-PARTIES subtitle. With ATF-EARLYPARTY, we will say goodbye to the 2024 season on the entrance stage of Antalya Tourism Fair on 23 October with live music and refreshments. On 25 October, we will say “welcome” to the 2025 season with the ATF-AFTERPARTY, which will be held in the most exclusive nightclub of the city, accompanied by famous DJs and dancers.

In order to maintain the excitement and curious waiting, we have kept our surprises to ourselves for a short time. We will share the details very soon…