ATF is the industry’s most productive collaboration, business-opportunity, business-information sharing professional platform. Antalya Tourism Fair is the newest and most ambitious tourism fair in its field, with the participation of more than 1,000 foreign agencies, where national and international tourism professionals come together to evaluate the developments of the season and create one-to-one cooperation opportunities.

All tourism professionals involved in and serving in the tourism sector, aiming to create synergy, such as national and international tour operators, offline and online travel agencies, accommodation facilities, airlines, transportation companies, recreation areas, information technologies, gastronomy, service and finance sector. is visiting.

With Antalya Tourism Fair, you can strengthen your relations, establish new partnerships and find the opportunity to cooperate with the professionals of tourism agencies, tour operators, accommodation facilities and service providers that are components of the tourism industry in Antalya with different markets and expertise.
You can offer the services of your BUSINESSES and regions, start the new season with a fresh vision, and increase your customer potential by strongly highlighting your brand awareness. 
You can reach more than 1000 agencies from Turkey’s most important accommodation facilities and target markets, as well as the dynamics of the domestic market, and have the opportunity to establish communication and cooperation. 
In this fiction, a fair is the first in the world. Turnkey stands are provided for exhibitors. In this way, you can promote your brand in the best way by concentrating only on your business and your visitors.
You will see more foreign travel agencies and professional business solution partners than you have ever seen in a Turkish salon to generate IDEAS.
Antalya Tourism Fair B2B Agency Communication Application

With the application that will be put into use before the ATF date, you will be able to contact the visitor professional agencies 24/7, make your appointments and contact them. You will be able to do this with instant translation in 4 languages and with one-to-one and collective communication. We guarantee that we will break new ground with our application. Again, with this application, which will be a service that only belongs to GMT Fuarcılık, you will not be able to contact the agencies that come with our organization.

Virtual Fair Service

As ATF, we are also launching our Virtual Fair service in 360 degrees reality. With this service, we will create channels where you can instantly contact your sales and marketing departments for sales and marketing for the end consumer, human resources for your personnel search, and sales and marketing departments for purchasing. Thus, we have established the platform for Antalya Tourism Fair to respond to all your essential needs. Again, this service is the first and only.

How we Tourism? Effective-Productive-Agenda-Setting Panels

ATF, you can participate in the fairs to be held during the 2-day fair, and you can accompany your questions to the heart of tourism. The panels, which are planned to create the opportunity to evaluate the current issues of the tourism agenda with carefully invited speakers, are planned in an effective, productive and agenda setting.

Virtual Human Resources and Business Development Opportunities

With this service, you will be able to create channels where you can instantly communicate with the human resources departments for your personnel searches and the purchasing departments for business and market development. Thus, ATF aims to respond to all your tourism needs.


     ATF has taken it into its planning with the aim of bringing together all the issues that contribute to Turkish Tourism in the panel issues of 2021. Our panel titles, which are aimed to continue with an interactive structure with the meeting of influential names on the topics that will provide dynamics to the sector, ATF, the questions of the participants and foreign tourism representatives, are shared with you below.

     Tourism and Destination

     Tourism and Investment / Trade

     Tourism and Investment

     Tourism and Investment Management

     Tourism and Sales / Luxury Hotels

     Tourism and Health

     Tourism and Sales / Operators – German Market

     Tourism and Sales / Operators – European Market

     Tourism & Sales / Operators – CIS Market

     Tourism & Sales / Operators – Domestic Market Management

     Tourism & Sales / Operators – Domestic Market Investment

     Tourism and Sales / Holiday Hotels

     Tourism & Marketing & Technology


21.000 M2 fairground

Over 2.000 invited foreign tourism representatives

5.000Tourism Professional

Communication Application

Virtual Fair




Speaker Arena


ATF Gala

Antalya Tourism Fair Welcome Party