ATF24 – Information for Health and Sports Tourism Participants

Antalya Tourism Fair continues its activities at full speed to host 350 Health Tourism Professional Agencies from 8 countries and 2000 Travel Agencies invited from 20 countries on October 24-25.

Antalya Tourism Fair, Accommodation industry, Travel Agencies, Health Tourism Service Providers, Sports Tourism Professionals, Transportation Companies, Alternative Tourism Products, Tourism Information Processing Companies and all Tourism stakeholders, bringing together different markets and tourism stakeholders at the same time, and the national It is the most innovative and productive tourism fair of Turkey and the Mediterranean region, where developments are evaluated with the principle of ‘marketing on the spot’, one-to-one marketing opportunities are created, 2,000 international travel agency professionals are invited, and the buyer and the product owner are brought together directly.

Our trend theme this year has been determined as Health and Sports Tourism. In this direction, panels and events will be organized for Health and Sports Tourism, a special hall will be opened for the first time in Antalya Tourism Fair, and 350 Health Tourism Agencies and Professionals will meet with guests from 8 countries.

Invited countries:

Russia60 Guest
England60 Guest
Germany60 Guest
Italy40 Guest
Romania40 Guest
Georgia30 Guest
Holland30 Guest
Balkans30 Guest


Antalya Tourism Fair was included in the “Supported Domestic Events” list for Health and Sports Tourism.

Our country is a world-renowned destination with great potential in the field of health and sports tourism. In order to encourage Turkey’s growth in the health and sports tourism sector and to provide competitive advantage in the international market, T.R. Various supports and incentives are offered by the Ministry of Commerce. In this context, as a result of our application, Antalya Tourism Fair was included in the “Supported Domestic Events” list for Health and Sports Tourism.

If Health and Sports Tourism companies participate in ATF24, it is possible to benefit from participation support with a 60% stand.

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